Demo Bikes

We have a great selection of demo bikes available here at Fife Cycles. A demo bike is a great way of testing out a particular model / size to make sure it is the right bike for you. With so many different styles of bike and the cost involved - we feel it's a really valuable customer tool; hence why we have such a wide selection of bikes. 
Test Ride A (1 Hour) - £15.00
(Offset against cost of new bike purchased)
Test ride A is a quick local test that will give you a good idea of how the bike performs. We have good local road routes and Tentsmuir forest is good for a trail bike test. We also have Blebo forest close by which is good for more aggressive mountain biking. 
Test Ride B (8 Hours) - £60.00
(Offset against cost of new bike) 
This test ride is better for those who really want to put the prospective bike through its paces. It allows our customers to have an all day ride at trails or routes which are further away. A great opportunity to get to know the bike that you are thinking of buying. 
What do I need to bring?
Trek Domane SLR 7 ETAP 2020 (58cm)
  • Brand new 2020 bike.
  • Multi Day Rental Options (contact us)


Trek Madone SL 6 202


Bike Rental Terms and Conditions
What you need to bring!


We will need a copy of your passport/driving licence for insurance reasons (and to ensure that you aren't going to cycle off into the sunset and never return!!).


No deposit required!


Payment for rental of bikes and deposits can be made in cash or by card!