Delivery Informtation

Delivery Information

Delivery Information

All products sold on our website shall be delivered via PPL courier service. Any product ordered on our website will be sent for delivery within 2 working days from when the order is placed. Delivery time within the United Kingdom shall be between 2-7 days. Delivery times will be within 10 days for products being shipped outside of the United Kingdom.


Any bike ordered shall be professionally built up and then repackaged before delivery to ensure that your bike will be covered by a full manufacturers warranty. When your bike arrives the only thing you will have to do is...

  • Fit Pedals
  • Straighten Bar and Stem then tighten
  • Pump up tyres
  • GO RIDE!

We will be uploading a video to the site to help you build your bike. Remember your bicycle will have a full warranty because it has been pre-built by 


Other Products

Any other product sold on our website will be packaged professionally and sent out with PPL. If there are any problems with the product upon delivery then please refer to our returns policy. Always give us a call to let us know any problems that you encounter.