Welcome Deviate Bikes!
James Richmond August 08, 2022

Welcome Deviate Bikes!


Devite Bikes  at Fife Cycles. Rider nailing down a hill on the green Highlander


We are delighted to welcome Deviate Bikes to our line-up of bike brands. 

Deviate are a fresh Scottish bike company making big waves in the trail and enduro mtb world. This independent bike manufacturer is based near Stirling and are pioneering a new era of high-pivot mtbs. These clever chaps have managed to overcome the obstacles previously associated with high pivot bikes and have managed to reap all the benefits of this technology thanks to clever engineering and a keen eye on detail and quality. The reviews of their bikes tell it all. 

We are really excited to get behind this Scottish brand so please, if you have queries about the bikes then please get in touch and we can perhaps facilitate in getting you hooked up with something a little bit special. 

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