Trek Slash 9.8 2018 Review

Innes Bells reviews  the Trek Slash 9.8 2018


This bike is a top end carbon enduro bike with 160mm of travel and 29 inch wheels. Personally I am short so found it quite difficult to turn round tight switchbacks but I definitely noticed a difference on the climbs and descents. It was much faster then 27.5 wheels up the hills I even felt the bumps way less on the 29 wheels. I had this bike for one week and enjoyed riding it at Pitmedden and Comrie Croft. I chose these two different places because Pittmeden is not a full on bike park like Comrie Croft is which makes it more raw. I chose the trail ‘tow ball’ to test the downhill capability of the slash. Tow ball is a roamy steep jump trail which includes a small road gap and some doubles. I was a bit skeptical pf the 29 wheel but they jump just as well as 27.5. The trail I chose at Comrie was the black which includes slippy rock rolls and big drops. The suspension on this bike is incredible with a Fox 36 Elite on the front and Trek's exclusive RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft shock. This when adjusted properly is an incredible combo! I had no trouble on the steep rolls despite the wheels and I also did some riding at local spots which was where I really saw the difference to my normal bike. I found this bike to be much faster even besting my old Strava records - the bike accelerates much faster then my day to day bike. I also took it to a local spot with drops which was also no problem for the bike. In concision I think this is the best enduro bike I have ever ridden, i can’t complain about anything apart from the seat post angle which trek could of angled forward a bit. I believe they have addressed this on the 2019 Slash 8 as well as the up and coming 2020 bikes.  that’s my review - if there’s any questions about the bike leave them in the comments. This bike and many other trek products can be purchased in store or at


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Innes Bell


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