Bontrager Trip 100 Computer

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Optimise every ride
Know how fast and how far you've gone. The Trip 100 keeps vital ride stats within eyesight so you can keep focused on what matters most.

See how fast, how far and how long you've ridden all in an easy-to-operate, easy-to-read display, with backlight.
Key features

Analogue wireless signal with 70 cm range
Current, average and maximum speed
Trip distance and a programmable odometer with a 10-hour rollover
Clock (12/24-hour) and total ride time with pacer
Auto start/stop, calories burned and quick-view clock
Multi-language interface (DE, EN, ES, FR)
Includes batteries, universal mount, sensor, strap and magnet
The computer uses a CR2032 battery, the sensor uses an A23 battery