Focus Whistler Evo 2018

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Hungry for more, the Whistler disregards convention. So do you. Riding is your staple in life. Your trails are as far-reaching as your aspirations. Your ride starts at the kerbside but finishes far beyond the edge of the woods. 



With the Whistler, you can choose between 27.5” and 29” wheelsets. Opt for the wheelset size that best suits your height and your requirements.



So you can kit out your bike to suit your needs, there’s plenty of space provided for you to install your pannier rack, mudguard, light and stand.



You need a reliable partner to handle hairy situations. That’s why we’ve equipped our Whistler model with disc brakes – for a consistent braking performance and optimum braking behaviour.


• Intended use: Everyday and fitness

• 100 mm travel

• Hardtail

• Mountain bike for sport and everyday


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